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Vertical Growing Systems

These systems save space !  The variations are endless.  They can be a water feature, aquaponics, stand along, incorporated into all gardens and systems.  Our vertical modular pots can be stacked on top of each other to any height.   We are Vertical Growing Landscape Design Consulting Maintenance Contractors.


With Vertical Aquaponics, the water is pumped up to the top and cascades down, watering, fertilizing the plants and creates a waterfall, cascading down. If you have a pond, vertical systems are placed over the pond and the waterfalls into it and then is pumped back up.  If you don't have a pond we can add one.  The ponds can be large or just a decorative tub as seen in the photo below.  Vertical growing systems can be adapted to solar for zero energy costs and if the power goes out ! No problem.  Vertical pots come in many colors.  Vertical gardens do not have to be aquaponics they can be designs conventionally.

Vertical Growing Systems can be totally organically grown, which means, no pesticides, no fungicides, no herbicides.  This means you have organically grown fish !