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We are Landscape Design Consulting Maintenance Contractors and can create the garden of your choice for your home or business. Just to name a few, Herb Gardens, English Gardens, Organic Gardens, Patio Gardens, Private Gardens, Atrium Gardens, Interior Gardens, Potted Gardens, Vertical Gardens. We pride ourselves as Specialty Garden Design Contrators.

Herb Gardens - To grow herbs all year long in South Florida it takes a special method and we know what it is !

The soil needs to be constructed in a special manner so to have good drainage and just the right shading is important.  We developed this method so you can have herbs all year long.  Herb gardens can be a simple as shown in this photo.  You can add all your favorite herbs in one hanging planter.  This is a great DIY herb garden.

English Gardens - These are beautiful gardens ! They too have special requirements and need a creative design.

All plants PH requirements are not the same, so it takes knowledge what each plant needs so they are placed properly and to create a beautiful landscape.

Patio Gardens - These can be under your screened in area, around a pool, in your backyard or inside your home or business.

Private Gardens - Much like patio gardens these are typically small and quaint.  They can be put in atriums, your private bath, bedroom or a special spot or in your backyard off your patio.

Potted Gardens - A garden created with just pots and typically placed on a patio with decorative stones.  The advantage is each plant is placed in its own pot allow you to control its particular needs without dealing with another plant's needs.

Vertical Gardens - These are unique ! Growing vertically saves allot of space.  These can be created with vertical aquaponics, living walls or with conventional gardens.

Organically Grown Gardens - Having an organic farm for 5 years and a firm believer in eating organically, we have the now how for creating organic gardens. Organic growing is, using no pesticides, no fungicides, no herbicides, only organic applications. 

Note:  Gardens don't require much space and can be created just as a signature statement.  All of these gardens can be grown organically.

Specialty Gardens​

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