Our services are for Businesses and Homeowners.  We service Palm Beach County, Broward County and the Jupiter area.  We are not a typical landscape maintenance company.  We do not mow lawns !  But offer expertise in exterior and interior landscaping, Landscape maintenance programs, landscape designs, landscape contracting and landscape consulting.  The cost for these services is determined after inspection of your property.  We offer Free Estimates !  


(Specialty Gardens)



(Living Walls)

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(Indoor Plant Sitting or Maintenance) House Plants, Office Plants, Business Plants 


Plant Sitter Care or Plant Maintenance Programs  

With decades of experience in plant care,  We can assure the health of your favorite indoor gardens, outdoor gardens and/or atrium foliage.  We arrive and care for your plants one time per week, more if necessary, less if requested.  For both homeowners plants, business plants and office plants.  We love plants !

Each visit includes:

1.  Watering, fertilize if necessary, soil structure examination, cultivate and determine proper sunlight location. test PH levels

2.  Pest & fungus inspection - We spray if necessary (we use certified organic insecticide / fungicide)

 * Some pest infestations might require chemical sprays, most common is Scale.  We spray only upon your approval.  If so, we transport    

    the plant outdoors for spraying.

3.  Pruning, Clean-up and removal of a debris

4.  Resetting of security system if necessary

5.  If on vacation or business trip, if requested we can re-set your air conditioner and/or turn on your water heater before your arrival. Plus, with years of home renovation experience, we will watch over your grounds and keep on eye on your dwelling at no extra charge ! 

Cost:  Each location has its variables and is determined by distance and amount of foliage.   For a free estimate, you may call us at 561.372.4300 or

With over 30 years of landscaping, aquaponics and foliage experience you can be sure we can do the job right.  We love designing atriums and aquaponics eco-systems.  Aquaponics is a self-contained eco-system, if you have a water source, it is easy to have an aquaponics system garden.  Let's say you have a pond with fish or without fish.  Organic fertilizers can be added to the water or the fish water/waste is pumped upstream and cascades down as a waterfall, the waterfall produces oxygen for the fish and plants.  The plants are grown in gravel because if planted in dirt, the roots would rot.  The plant is being constantly watered and fertilized and grows 4 to 5 times faster than conventional growing methods.  The purpose of an aquaponics system is you have a beautiful pond/landscape but instead of typical plants, you have vegetables,  These vegetables are arranged to produce a beautiful landscape design and are totally organic, they taste better and grow faster.  One great aspect is, there is almost no weeding, mostly no fertilizing and minimal maintenance free and if solar is added, no energy cost.  So you feed the fish, the fish feeds the plants and the fish and the plants feed you.  Perfect !  See examples in 'Aquaponics'.

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