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                     After  - Front Yard

Before - Front

Atrium - Living Wall

                                After  - Front Yard


     After Plant Removal - Front Yard 


Before Plant Removal - Side Yard

Before - Rear Patio


Landscape Design Project Photo

Before - Rear Yard

Before - Atrium    (See Living Wall Video for After Project)

After - Rear Yard

 with Astro Turf

​After - Side Yard

Below are photos of our most recent project.  We are working with the client and the builder as the home is being renovated.  We have removed all the plants that are not to be utilized using a backhoe.  As alway some lines were broken due to the fact that the lines ran through the root system of the larger plants.  One being a very large bamboo system.  Par for the course !

These Landscape Photos are after plant removal.  We will add photos as the project progresses.  We are not on a deadline, we can progress with some areas but the driveway is to be redone.  We are also designing the interior atrium.

                                                                                                                                                 PROJECT      ONE

Before - Front