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Living Walls also known as Green Walls or Live Walls, are amazing !  They are beautiful, interesting, create a healthy environment, even edible.  They can be placed on any wall, indoors or outdoors.   Living walls are self-contained systems which can be placed on a wall or stand alone.  Since they are self-contained the moisture will not damage your existing area.  They can be designed to operate as an aquaponics system or not.  Living walls have endless possibilities - atriums, aquaponics, stand along, small, large, interior, exterior.  They are for everyone ! Restaurants, health clubs, doctors offices, dentist offices, homes, atrium's, entryways, food stores, spas, the possibilities are endless. We are Living Walls Landscape Design Consulting Maintenance Contractors located in Boca Raton. Servicing as far north as the Jupiter Area and south to Miami.

This self-contained system minimizes water usage, maintenance and can be adapted to solar for zero energy costs and has a self-watering system.  The design can focus on ornamental foliage or edible plants / vegetables.  Image a Living Wall in your kitchen or atrium, at dinner time you pick your own herbs or make a salad, incredible !  These systems can be totally organically grown and if it's an aquaponics living wall, you have organically grown fish !

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Living Walls

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