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Atriums are a beautiful addition to any home or business.  They bring the outdoors into your business, office or house.  We can design them with just plants or with aquaponics, which can have birds, fish all types of wildlife.  It creates a beautiful private ecosystem   Aquaponics or Hydroponics can easily be adapted to your outside landscape design.  We typically add a pond which creates an awesome water feature.  If you need exterior landscape consulting or designs, we offer that too. Or do you just want some landscaping advice, let us know.  We are Atrium, Landscape Design, Consulting, Maintenance, Contractors, specializing in interior and exterior landscape designs. We are a full-service eco-friendly company.

We maintain all atriums when you're away or at home or business.  If you are planning a vacation and just temporarily need our services, no problem.  We can also watch over your indoor plants, outdoor plants and dwelling.  All these services are available to you.

We can also design your atrium with a conventional landscape, aquaponics or living wall.   Atriums are great to accent the interior of your home and with a living wall, you will have a different, special look.  Living walls can be easily attached to any wall.  Check out our Aquaponics page for photos.

We offer - Atrium Plant designs, contractor maintenance and consulting.  Alone with aquaponics, hydroponics, living wall designs, maintenance, indoor, outdoor landscapes and specialty gardens.

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