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Having more that 30 years experience in landscaping, foliage service, organic farming and aquaponics.  All of these categories strengthen our ability to do the job right.

We know how important your plants, business or home are to you.  Plants have particular needs that the average person has no clue of.  Over watering, sunlight and fertilization can harm or kill any plant if you don't know its proper needs.  Plus, identifying a pest problem early is crucial.  We use only organic fertilizers, pest and fungus sprays.   Some pest situations may require a harsher chemical spray.  If your away from home or business we will watch over your grounds and dwelling at no extra charge.  We also offer plant sitting care for anyone who is concerned about their house plants when away on vacation or business.

Our goal is to help beautify your place of business or home and with plants or living walls, we accomplish this plus help the environment.  Living Walls are the wave of the future both commercially and residential.  Restaurants are using them to boost their ambiance and produce fresh greens, herbs and vegetables.  Cities and states are moving away from cement walls that are ugly, retain heat and increase rain run off.  Living Walls help with Climate Change.

Aquaponics is also the future.  You can have a beautiful landscape with water features that are edible, self-sustainable and almost maintenance free.  Aquaponics has endless variations.

Specialty Gardens are the perfect accent to any home or business.  They can be organic gardens, herb gardens, English gardens, atrium's, patio gardens, potted gardens and/or vertical gardens.  All these gardens can be created for you or incorporated into an aquaponics garden.


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