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We offer creative landscape designs and professional installation

Real Estate Staging with creative plants

Outdoor - Indoor Plant Care Contracts

Office Plants, Mall Plants, Corporate Atriums, House Plants 

Outdoors - Consulting, Designs, Maintenance

We do not offer lawn maintenance

We guarantee the lowest prices !

We are truly a Green Eco-Friendly Company


Specialty Gardens

Atriums, Hydroponics and Aquaponics, Living Walls, Vertical Growing Systems 

English Gardens, Herb Gardens, Patio Gardens

Organic Gardens, Private Gardens, Potted Gardens

 Indoor Plant Sitting Care

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​​​We guarantee your plants get the best care. Not only do we watch over your plants, we evaluate there conditions and make recommendations then correct any issues. 

                         We offer results !

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 Making sure you get peace of mind

We're dedicated to ensuring impecable care to all of our clients, whether it's landscaping for your home, office or business, your plants requirements are met and exceeded with a landscape architecture design for landscapes, living walls, atriums, aquaponics.
We offer high-quality personalized service, committed to providing the best care.
We serve a wide range of clientele and value every clients relationship. Every service we offer is met with professionalism, ultimate care, we're trustworthy and reliable.
Our love for plants is reflected in our service.

Green Thumbs Rx uses only organic supplies for our interior plants and for exterior maintenance, no loud, gasoline or exhaust fumes, we use battery source equipment.

Over 30 years experience

Interior -Exterior Landscaping

Dynasti Landsculptor's - Owner

Asheville Aquaponics - Owner

​Organic Farm, Mills River, NC

The Plant Doctor - Service Rep

Landscape Design

(Maintenance & Consulting)

(Interior & Outside) 

Aquaponics Design

(Maintenance & Consulting) 

(Home & Commercial)

Organic & Sustainable Farming

Corporate Plant Maintenance

Living Wall Design / Maintenance

Plants have always been my passion.  As a child and throughout my life, I had to have a vegetable garden and worked in the plant service field. These were the inspirations that created

Green Thumbs Rx. 

Our knowledge of landscaping, design, plants and their care were gained from designing and maintaining the tropical plants of South Florida as the owner of Dynasti Landsculptor's. We have dealt with all aspects of plant care and have a keen sense and knowledge for there indoor and outdoor requirements.

  As owner of Asheville Aquaponics,

(See- Home Aquaponics)

I had to deal with all four seasons, our large glass and film covered greenhouses made this possible.

Plant care is very important. Plants are sensitive to there environments, so it is important to produce the proper conditions for them. I have that knowledge.




Green Thumbs Rx - Boca Raton

  Interior - Exterior Landscaping, Landscape Design

 Living Walls, Specialty Gardens, Atriums, Aquaponics